Bacon Onion Sandwich with Green Peppers – Vegan

Inspired by the thought of a BLT and a PHILLY steak,  I thought of this mixture.   Its hard to find something to eat on a sandwich when you’re eating a vegan diet.   Unless you just want peanut butter and jelly all the time.   So here’s a hot yummy sandwich that tastes oh so sandwichy.

4 sandwiches worth


*1 large onion sliced long
*1 green pepper chopped in chunks
*1 celery stalk, chopped small
*3 Tablespoons of imitation (soy) bacon bits
*1 Tablespoon of Garlic powder
*1 Teaspoon of black pepper
*2 pinches of salt
*1 Tablespoon of spicy mustard or dijon
*1 Tablespoon of vegan (without anchovies)  Worcestershire sauce
*Bread of your choice (F. Y. I – wheat is plant based,  white is not)
*Water as needed

*Condiments of your choice.   Veganaise and ketchup is delish


Step 1:  Slice onion, celery, and pepper and put in a skillet with no oil.  Add garlic powder, black pepper, and fry them up on medium heat for about 5 minutes.  Add a little water if they are sticking when stirring.

Step 2: Add bacon bits,  blending well,  and about 1 Tablespoon of water and cook mixture until everything is soft,  about 10-15 minutes.   Keep stirring and add a little water if necessary to keep mixture from sticking to skillet.

Step 3:  Add spicy mustard and stir until blended.

Step 4:  Add Worcestershire sauce and stir until well blended and cook until all liquid is absorbed.   Add salt and stir,  put on simmer,  no lid,  just to keep hot.

Step 5:  Toast your choice of breads and add a little Veganaise and ketchup to top and then some of the cooked mixture to the bottom.  Slap together,  cut in half,  and go to town.

* I used an Orowheat sandwich thin whole wheat with flax seed bun for mine and regular whole wheat bread for my other diner.   See pictures

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