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Store Your Phone and Camera Photos For Free Forever

This is not exactly a product, but this is a FREE service!  You can also earn more space, so this qualifies as earning a free product in my book!  It beats buying an expensive external hard drive.  It’s easy and free to use!

If you have a smartphone or camera and want to store your photos for free, you can do so at  You can upload and access your pictures from any computer or internet connected device below.  Dropbox has a computer upload program too for your camera photos.

You receive 2 GB free from the get go.  If you get your family or friends to sign up for an account, you will receive an additional 500MB of space, up to 16GB.   Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Dropbox and earn extra space too!  Dropbox has an easy uploading system on your smartphones.  I’ve used both the Android and Apple versions of the app and they both work smoothly.

You can make albums in your Dropbox account and then share albums or single photos with your friends and family.



Use Twitter to earn gift cards and win prizes – Here’s how

Do you have Twitter?  Do you like gift cards or prizes?  Here’s an awesome way to use Twitter to its fullest potential.  All you have to do is sign into your twitter account, then go to SoFab Chats here.  Once you are there, click the sign in with your Twitter account and you will be automatically set up.  You don’t have to fill anything out.

Then you just look for the date on the calendar with contests on Twitter that you want to participate in.  The calendar looks like this:


Once you go to their Twitter contest page, RSVP.

Follow the Companies that are hosting the party.  This page gives you the Twitter handles and links to do so very easily.


Go back to SoFab Chats on the day of the party and go to the Tweetgrid.  This is an easier way to keep track and read all of the tweets that go out during a contest.  A Twitter contest goes really fast, so a grid is recommended.  Make sure you chine in a few time once the party starts so the company knows you are there.  Good luck!

Preparation H Medicated Wipes for Women Review

preperationHwipesforwomenReviewToday I received an extremely useful product from Preparation H to review.  Let’s face it, we all don’t really want to talk about our bathroom business, but it’s a fact of life for many, including myself at times.  These wipes would have helped me out during pregnancy so much.  While I was pregnant, I was always using the gel hemorrhoid cream.  It was so messy, slimy, and greasy.  It was hard to get the gel off.  Well these medicated wipes are wonderful.  You just use the wipe (pat or blot) and you’re done.  (You can also use them as a cold compress for 15 minutes or on the vaginal area.)  No mess, no greasy fingers, and they are flushable!  You can use them up to 6 times a day.  They smell pretty nice too, they are the first hemorrhoid wipe to include chamomile, aloe and cucumber!  You cannot go wrong with these if you are suffering from the dreaded hemorrhoids.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, so let’s talk about it!

I know I, along with IBS sufferers need these.  They are soothing and I love how it immediately stops any symptoms.  I love that they made them more feminine and make you feel like you’re not really using any kind of “medicine”.  I also love that you can take them WITH you in cute little packets.  No embarrassing tube of hemorrhoid cream laying in the bottom of your purse.


Their website says:


  • Designed just for women
  • Infused with refreshing cucumber, soothing aloe, vitamin E, shea butter and Chamomile
  • Protects the irritated area for effective hemorrhoid relief
  • Gentle, everyday cleansing to cool and soothe
  • Flushable

Their webiste is at and you can also get a $1.50 coupon to print!


I received my free samples and coupons via Smiley360!


Join Friends & Neighbors Program by Johnson & Johnson for free products

Join here at Friends & Neighbors Program by Johnson & Johnson

Directly from their website:


You can make a difference!

We are interested in getting opinions and input from real people – you!  We count on our Friends & Neighbors members to provide us with the feedback to help us create products that will delight consumers, or give us ideas on what new products you really want.  Whether it’s a home use test for a new shampoo, or an online forum to discuss new ideas for a baby wash, you, the consumer, know best.  After the close of a study, you may receive an incentive as a token of appreciation, such as a Prepaid Visa® Card.
This is a new program. I just signed up too.  It seems like a great way to Earn Free Products and also give your opinion to help future products from Johnson and Johnson.

Join right here now!!

F ree Pampers Diapers and Free Pampers Wipes Review

FREE Pampers Diapers and Free Pampers Wipes and REVIEW

I received 1 pack of Pampers diapers and one pack of Pampers sensitive wipes to try.  I was supposed to upload a video, but could not figure out how to do it from my cell phone.  I have since figured it out and if another program opens up, I am ready to do a video!  The wipes seemed thick and smelled lovely.  They do say sensitive, but they seem to sting my son’s behind.  He usually cried when I used these wipes.  He did have a rash on a few days of using these wipes.  I thought with the word “sensitive” in the wipe title, they would be gentle on his skin.  The diapers seemed to work like any other diaper.  They did not hold up during the night.  I used these and they actually leaked about 10 times.  I do not know why, but I am assuming the fit didn’t work for my son.  I use Pampers diapers and wipes when there is a sale and I can use coupons.  I think that most diapers are basically the same. I have not found one that holds up perfectly during the night.  I do know that compared to Huggies, he had more wet sheets with Pampers than with Huggies.  I like the Pampers Gifts to Grow program and collect the points.  I am excited to FINALLY get a toy or something for my son.  I have been saving the points since he was a baby and I am almost to 2,000 points.  What shall I get him!!!  Thank you Pampers!

I was given these samples by ExpoTV