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What to do with unwanted gift cards you have received for the holidays

Sell your unwanted gift cards or buy discounted gift cards to save yourself money!

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I want to save money ALL the time.  This is a good way to stretch your dollars.

Buy Disney gift cards to save money on your Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation.

Buy grocery gift cards to save money on your food bill.  Combine with coupons and save even more.

Buy Discount Gift Cards here

Before you search on-line or in stores, explore the Raise marketplace to search out discounted gift cards to brands like Target, Disney, and Macy’s.  Search by category, stores, or value, and easily add to your cart.  With free shipping on all gift cards, it’s straightforward and easy to save on your purchases.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards here

On the marketplace, you’ll sell gift cards for money at the value you select. We tend to settle for gift cards and merchandise credit from gift givers that don’t know what you really want. List it and you get paid once the gift card sells. Merely select the options, list, and your gift card is featured on the marketplace for thousands of savvy shoppers to buy.

Available iPhone app to make it easy! Check Raise out now!

Earn Money on Your Smartphone and Computer with iPoll


This is more powerful on the computer, however you can make more money on the mobile version because the payouts are better.  The iPoll app has missions at stores.  When a new mission is available, you will take a survey.  If you quality for the mission, you will receive another survey on the app.  The spots are limited, so you will have to move yourself fast to the store they want you to go to for the mission.  Once you are at the store they want you to be, you take the survey.  Sometimes it involves taking pictures or videos, or recording your voice into the app.  These types of surveys pay on average $10 each.

The website has a ton more surveys to take, but they are usually around $1.50 or less.  On the website, you can also do tasks on the computer.  These are like mini jobs that pay per job.  I’ve seen anywhere from 1 penny to .10 cents per job.

You have to accumulate at least $10 to cash out.  I would recommend you wait and save for a higher dollar amount, as the $10 cash out reward is not that great.  It get’s good at $25 redemptions.

iPoll takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to pay your cash out.  it’s worth the wait to me!  I really love this app!

These are screenshots from my email for my last two redemptions.
iPoll-Free-Money-Earn-Gift-Cards-Smartphone-2 iPoll-Free-Money-Earn-Gift-Cards-Smartphone-3


Here’s a screenshot of their website, you will get a $5 sign up bonus! I wish they had that special when I signed up.

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CafePress – Work at Home Opportunity

How my creativity makes me some extra cash!


You can design your own t-shirt (and a whole bunch of other products) ideas and have your own store at this website.  They provide EVERYTHING to the customer, all you do is create and upload your idea.  They even take on the customer service and returns.  I’ve been with them since 2001!  I usually sell the most around holidays.  This has great potential if you put your all into it and are really creative.  Putting this post up reminds me to get back to work on this project.  I have creative spurts that need to be put to good use, like for this website.

Updated 4/21/2014:  Yes I’m still making some money here since 2001, so here’s a NEW picture of my earnings this month (April 2014).
(Sorry for such a crappy picture)

Drum roll please!  This was the most I’ve ever made to date in one month.  Cafepress featured this design of mine for Valentine’s day and they were selling like hotcakes.  I used that money for a vacation to Las Vegas! Here is a screenshot in my Cafepress account.


I earned my first check 3 years after I signed up July 2004. It took me 3 years to try this and I was kicking myself that I didn’t start in 2001.  It was $72 and I was excited beyond belief!!!!  My creativity finally paid off somewhere.
Thank you Cafepress!

Here’s a picture of one of my W2’s from CafePress, this was in 2006 when I started taking proof pictures of my earnings on the internet.  I started this blog in 2007.
(Transferred my posts from blogger to this new website in 2014 though)


[cjtoolbox name=’Cafepress’ ] [/cjtoolbox]


If I’ve helped you in any way by discovering this website pr providing more information about it, I would appreciate a click through to sign up for the site. Thank you very much for your help!

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