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The easiest way to use your phone as a GPS with a car mount

I received a sticky car mount today from iGotTech to review for my honest opinion.


I was skeptical that it would work with just a sticky pad, but wow it totally 100% works. I tested this with my iPhone 5 and I also used a Galaxy Note 3, which is a pretty huge phone. I held both of the phones upside down after I stuck them on the sticky Car mount. They did not move an inch. They stuck on there like white on rice.

image image

Once I removed a phone from the sticky car mount a good dozen times, I figured the sticky paper would be less sticky, but alas it still was very sticky.  I am not sure how they do this where the sticky pad stays sticky use after use, but I am very grateful for this product. It is extremely affordable and simple to use.   You do not have to put this together and attach to your car dashboard with screws or wires it’s just out of the box ready.

When Applying it inside your car, you can use it on your windshield or your dash. If your dashboard has an uneven surface it might not stick. But you can stick it to your window and swivel the car mount around 360° so that you can see your phone easily. This was amazing for me to use while I was reading my GPS on my phone, as I didn’t have to look away from the road too long.  I attached it in the corner bottom window. I think this is much safer then reading your GPS from your hand while driving.

I recommend this product hands down for an easy and quick way to attach your phone inside your car for GPS purposes.

Another suggestion is to get a second iGotTech sticky car mount for the back seat people.  If they wanted to watch a movie or something on their phone they can stick this to the window and just sit back and relax and watch during the drive.


Charge your iPad or iPhone while you relax with it using a 6 Foot Apple certified charging cord

I recently received an Apple certified 6 foot cord to review from Accessorize Your Life.


This cord is thicker than the cord that you get with Apple devices. It charges so fast.

My toddler loves the iPad. He has learned a lot from the apps but we still do story time or wind down at bedtime with the ipad. Sometimes the battery is very low and we have to plug it in and sit on edge of bed. It makes for a very uncomfortable relaxation / story time. This has made our lives so much better. It’s 6 FEET! What! We can lay in bed all cozy and have it plugged in if need be.

The cord itself is durable. Where the prong meets the cord, it seems sturdy and that is good with a toddler always tugging at cord. We’ve been through 3 different cords this year so far. We are hoping this one survives since it’s well made.

It does not come with a block, so make sure you have one.

This is only $15.99 and free shipping for the 6 foot cord here.  If you don’t need the longer cord, they have a 3 foot cord for $10.99 here.

[Apple MFI Certified] AYL® 8-Pin Lightning to USB Cable (6 Feet / 1.8 Meter) – Made For iPhone 6 / 5S / 5C / 5 / iPad Air / iPad Mini, iPad 4th generation, iPod 5th generation and iPod nano 7th generation – OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT

Their Amazon Page says:

  • “Premium Quality Guarantee – The cable material, connectors, design, and package are all directly Approved and Certified by Apple, to meet Apple performance standards under Apple’s MFi program. We proudly present AYL MFI Apple certified 8-Pin lightning cable.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with every Apple Lightning connector device, charge and sync for : iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / 5S / 5C / 5, iPad 4, iPad Air Mini Mini2, iPod Touch 5th gen, and iPod Nano 7th gen. It also supports Mac and Windows PC.
  • 3 Feet Long is Convenient and Popular Length – With the 3 Foot cable, it provides a portable, flexible and durable cord, to select a more comfortable location for you when your Apple device is charging no matter at home, in the car, or in a store.
  • Stylish and Slim Lightning connector design 8.5mm X 5.5mm(0.33in x 0.22in) that allows it to be used with virtually all devices without removing your case.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or need assistance. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our Goal!

I received this item as an active blogger from Accessorize Your Life in exchange for my honest review.

UPDATE:  Mine stopped working near the part that plugs into the phone.  I contacted the company and they DID replace it and shipped me another one FREE of charge. They DO uphold their policy!

Portable Power Bank Charger for Tablet or Cell Phone Review

ADFILIC-Power-Bank-Charger-GiveawayToday I received a portable power bank charger for use with cell phones and tablets from Adfilic to review.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. You can charge the iPad 3, 4/4s and the iPad with the long flat charger.  It also charges the iPad mini and iPhone 5’s.

If you’re wondering about the brand, you can visit, this pop up link takes you to their “About Us” page.

I charged the power bank right away over night.  When the battery is low while charging there is a red light.  When it’s done charging there is a blue light.  I charged it by plugging it into my computer USB port overnight.  I didn’t use it for the first two days after I charged it.  I then went out for a long day of work where my iPhone always goes dead when I’m working.  I then have to sit in the car and charge it to be able to go finish my work. (Yes, I use my iPhone for work).  I knew that bringing it for times like these, was the reason I wanted one.  Sure enough, my cell phone was at 2%.  I plugged in the power bank to my phone and it started charging it right away.  I was able to work more without going into the store.  It was a little bulky moving my phone around with the 3 prong cord attached, but I WILL TAKE IT!  It saved me time to be able to just keep my cell phone going during my work.  I kept the power bank plugged into my phone for almost 3 hours while I was using it at the same time.  My phone reached 22% when I was finished and there was still juice in the portable charger.  I don’t know how much, because as soon as I got home, I plugged it into my computer’s USB port and the red light was on meaning it was low charge.

This is so compact, it is the size of a lipstick tube.  It’s lightweight and can keep it in your pocket or the zip pocket in your purse.  If you drop it into a big purse, it will get lost because it is so compact and slim.

The bottom of the power bank says:
Model Ultra-Mini
Input: DC5V/0.8A Max
Output: DC5V/1A Max
Capacity: 2600mAh

Their Amazon page says this:

Compatible with:

•Apple iPhone 5/5S/5C, 4/4S, iPad 1/2/3/4 mini 2, iPod Nano, Touch 4th/5th Generation (Lightning and 30-pin cables included as BONUS)
•Samsung – Galaxy Note 1,2,3, S1,S3/S4, S2 Skyrocket
•Google – Nexus 4, 7 & 7FHD, 10
•HTC One M7, M4, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, Incredible, Droid DNA
•Motorola – Atrix, Droid, Moto X
•Nokia – Lumia series
•Sony – Xperia series
•LG – Optimus series
•Top grade lithium ion cell

I’m giving away one of these, check my giveaway here!
Contest ends on 9/22/14 at 12AM

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson. Some links on this page are affiliate links to the product in review.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

dknightmagicbox1Today I received a DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to review.  I was impressed as soon as I opened the box.  The sleek and portable design is perfect for taking it around the house or out of the house.  You can take it to the beach if your connecting via smartphone (just put it inside a plastic zip lock bag to keep sand and water out).  It only weighs 8.3 ounces.  It is approximately 7 inches long.  I liked the rubber frame around it.  That protects scuffs or scratches.  The little speaker was impressive and loud.  The stats on the speaker are below.

It was extremely easy to hook up to my iPhone, but you can hook this up to any Bluetooth device.  I skipped past the charging as the company recommends, simply because I was too darn excited to stream music from my phone.  Once fully charged, the battery will last for 10 hours.  There is a USB cable to charge it at your computer, laptop, in the car or wall with an adapter for the USB. (Just use your phone block to plug in the USB cord to the wall and charge.)  I turned on the Magicbox and then went to my Bluetooth settings on my smartphone.  I turned that on and up came the little magicbox just like the directions said. I didn’t have to download a thing. A toddler could have probably hooked it up.

dknightmagicbox2The two best uses for the DKnight Magicbox are:

1.  When you need to charge your phone but you want to listen to music from an app like Pandora or Spotify, you can still do this.  Plug your phone into the charging station and take your MagicBox with you to another room and listen away!

2.  If you get a call while you’re listening to music, you can answer your phone call right from the speaker.  On top is a PHONE CALL button, just push it and talk.  There is a built in microphone so you can be hands free.  Great for Skype, Google Talk, or other video chatting.  You’ll be able to hear better than with your regular smartphone speaker.

It comes in Black, Red, or Blue.

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It is available for use with all devices that have Bluetooth and/or a 3.5mm audio jack.

From their Amazon Web page:

*Supports Wireless Music Streaming via New Bluetooth v3.0 Technology.
*Two highly powerful 40mml total 6W acoustic drivers and ultra-small size produce a wide audio spectrum
*Built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of playtime. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling
*Easy to pair – No code/pin needed
*Easily to carry with, only 8.3 ounces.
*Plays all Audio devices through 3.5mm Aux in Jack.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson. Some links on this page are affiliate links to the product in review.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

Ultraviolet Black Light Stain & Urine Detector Flashlight Brand UV SIGHT Review

Today I received a Ultraviolet Black Light Stain & Urine Detector Flashlight

This is a name brand called UV Sight
Pee showed up right away ( unfortunately )

I’ve used this numerous times and each time I suspected my mini pin peed somewhere, I found it. I felt like I was in an episode of CSI flashing it in the dark looking for the evidence.  It was kind of fun.  But then you find the disgusting white circle glowing (and smelling) and you realize it’s not that fun anymore.  There is a nice wrist lanyard that you can use so that your light doesn’t fall into any pee piles!  Wrapping it around your wrist before you begin your search is a great idea!  My dog has apparently been going in the dining room leading out to the porch. She’s getting old, so now I can find out where she makes her little trail of urine. It’s rather gross to see the spots I missed before getting this urine finder. The batteries were easy to install. You can replace them once the factory ones get weak. Seems that factory batteries DO NOT last long and they should be replaced as soon as possible with your normal brand AAA batteries (3 of them). This will no doubt give it a brighter light. The UV Sight Flashlight really works though. You can use this for other UV related ideas too, not just for Urine findings, how fun!  Many other body fluids that contain fluorescent molecules, like blood and semen will show up real nice too. UV Sight works as stated and it is very handy to have around.  It has a nice heavy metal feel to it.  It is not cheap plastic.  This model should last a long time, though they offer a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee on it.  Their ad says 90 in the title and 60 in the description, so I wasn’t sure which it was.[cjtoolbox name=’google2′ ] [/cjtoolbox]

Here’s there ad copy from Amazon:
  • 3 x AAA Batteries Included With The Torch- So You Can Start Using it Immediately – View the Photos to See How it Works – RoHS compliant
  • Ideal For Revealing Dry Dog, Cat and Rodent Stains That Are Otherwise Undetectable to the Human Eye
  • Super Bright and Easy to Use! No Need To Crawl Around On Your Hands And Knees Smelling the Carpet
  • Perfect for Spring Cleaning & Excellent for Travel & Hotel Cleanliness Inspections – Small, Compact and Lightweight – View the Photos to See How it Works
  • Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I also found something, but not sure what it is.  I do know iced tea was spilt around here, but we’ve shampooed the carpets a couple of times after that.  If it’s still stained, that is one sucky shampooer!

Comes in a nice package with 3 AAA batteries.


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.