Earn $25 for a Study with MySoapBox.com

mySoapBox_Logo_newThis is an 8 week study on how you use the internet to search.  After the 8 weeks is up, you will be credited 25,000 points and can instantly redeem it for a $25 gift card.

At MySoapBox.com you take surveys and participate in in home studies or can possibly receive a free sample to try out for free.  Once you get to 25,000 points and cash out, you can then cash out for only 5,000 points, which is a quick $5 in your pocket.  The surveys are usually around 1,000 or more so it shouldn’t take long after the initial 25,000 points.  Join up with this 8 week study and you will have some extra cash by Christmas with your new gift card!

Join here and they will know you are interested in the 8 week study.

Here is a screenshot of just SOME of the gift cards they are offering.

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