Earn Money on Your Smartphone and Computer with iPoll


This is more powerful on the computer, however you can make more money on the mobile version because the payouts are better.  The iPoll app has missions at stores.  When a new mission is available, you will take a survey.  If you quality for the mission, you will receive another survey on the app.  The spots are limited, so you will have to move yourself fast to the store they want you to go to for the mission.  Once you are at the store they want you to be, you take the survey.  Sometimes it involves taking pictures or videos, or recording your voice into the app.  These types of surveys pay on average $10 each.

The website has a ton more surveys to take, but they are usually around $1.50 or less.  On the website, you can also do tasks on the computer.  These are like mini jobs that pay per job.  I’ve seen anywhere from 1 penny to .10 cents per job.

You have to accumulate at least $10 to cash out.  I would recommend you wait and save for a higher dollar amount, as the $10 cash out reward is not that great.  It get’s good at $25 redemptions.

iPoll takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to pay your cash out.  it’s worth the wait to me!  I really love this app!

These are screenshots from my email for my last two redemptions.
iPoll-Free-Money-Earn-Gift-Cards-Smartphone-2 iPoll-Free-Money-Earn-Gift-Cards-Smartphone-3


Here’s a screenshot of their website, you will get a $5 sign up bonus! I wish they had that special when I signed up.

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