Unreal Candy – Natural Ingredients Review

Today I received two coupons for free bags of any UNREAL candy.  I went to the Super Target because they are the only ones locally to carry the bags.  I have seen  that CVS carries the bars.  I brought them home and had given them out the next day to my friends to try.  The consensus was that the make you feel like you’re eating a better choice but they were not as tasty as the extreme sugar big brands out there.  They did taste “better” for me.  They were not as sugary sweet as let’s say Hersey’s brand.  These need a lot of word of mouth advertising.  People are so used to eating junk, they can’t believe you can eat a “healthy” candy bar and end up wondering what the catch is.  If more people try the UNREAL candy, this brand will become as popular as Hershey’s!

Free sample provided by Moms Meet