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Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads Review

Today I received a FREE pack of Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads and few .50 cent off coupons.

Review of my FREE pack of Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads : I tried these Carefree Body Shape thin pads and I have to admit they pack a powerful absorbing punch! I did not have any heavy flow pads around when my time of the month came a little early. I then remembered I just received these samples a few days earlier. I rushed to them like an Olympic runner and quickly ripped the nice little pink baggie open. “How cute”, I thought. They were neatly individually packaged in pink and white plastic to keep them sterilized. I instantly loved that because usually thin pads come in a box with nothing else. Then when you want to take a few somewhere you have to put them in your wallet with your money…. how unsanitary is that!???

Back to my predicament. Whoa, they are extremely thin and I thought to myself these will never work! 45 minutes later I was home from a heavy flow pad shopping trip and was thinking I would be a hell of a mess. I checked my booty in the mirror to see if I embarrassed my self in public with an artistic blood spatter… No I was clear. Whew! Sorry for the too much info, but lets face it, periods are messy and disgusting to us women too! I pulled down my special granny panty period only underwear to expect I was going to have to bleach the crap out of them… but instead I actually SMILED at my cute little Carefree pad that worked like a magic sponge!!!! I was surprised that my unexpected heavy flow did not runneth over to my underwear. I love you Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads!!!! You saved my day. I know that these WILL work on pididdly low flow days, no doubt in my mind.

Free Sample and coupons provided by SheSpeaks

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