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Zoominations Chinese Lantern and Light Festival at Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

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When I saw the advertisement of Zoominations, I was immediately drawn to it and was memorized by the lights. I NEEDED to go see this light festival. The festival is showing until May. I found a way to see it cheaper than the gate price. I wouldn’t be “Freebie Chick” if I saw it at full price right? I saw a deal on Livingsocial, buy 1 Adult and 1 Youth ticket for $24.95. It’s like buy one get one free.

If you want to check to see if they have that deal still (or any deals), you can get a free $10 Deal Bucks if you sign up for Livingsocial here!


Zoominations has an option to add-on a Asian buffet dinner show with Chinese entertainment for $20 extra per person per ticket.  We did not do the dinner show so we got into Zoominations before dark, around 6:15 PM. The festival was of course lighted, but you couldn’t really tell how beautiful it all was until it got dusk. When it got dark, the festival REALLY begun. The lights popped against the dark black sky. You could see lights everywhere you looked. From Panda bears, to Chinese Dragons, there was a display for everyone to enjoy.


I walked around the exhibit during the day and then at night. If you watch my video, you can see how most everything looks during the day and then compared at night. My favorite area lit up was the water display, called “Fish Frolic in Lotus Pond”. I also enjoyed the adorable Panda’s! Okay, actually the whole Zomminations was amazing. The pictures and video won’t do it justice. You have to go see this yourself!

There are 30 different kinds of light decorations.  You will get a map to show you the route.  Here are all the different light and lantern displays you can see.

To see a larger view, just click the picture

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There is also two shows which showcase Chinese acrobats like, juggling, hula hooping, and neck swinging. I doubt those are the correct terminology of these feats, but they all were entertaining.  The showtimes are at 7 and 9 PM in front of the Temple of Heaven.

The only ride that is open is the Carousel ride.  There were no animals to view, although we saw a Anoa watching people walk by.


At the gate at Tampa Lowry Park Zoo Zoominations prices are as follows:

Adults (12-59) – $24.95
Seniors (60+) – $22.95
Youth (3-11) – $19.95
Children (0-2) – FREE

It’s open from February 28th, 2015 – May 31st, 2015
Sunday – Thursday from 6 -10 PM, Friday and Saturday from 6- 11 PM.

May hours: 6-10PM Sun-Thurs | 6-11PM Fri & Sat
June hours: 7-10PM Wednesdays through Sundays

Remember to check Livingsocial or Groupon first to see if there is a deal out there!  That’s how I got my tickets cheaper!


Zoominations Facebook Page

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