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Preparation H Medicated Wipes for Women Review

preperationHwipesforwomenReviewToday I received an extremely useful product from Preparation H to review.  Let’s face it, we all don’t really want to talk about our bathroom business, but it’s a fact of life for many, including myself at times.  These wipes would have helped me out during pregnancy so much.  While I was pregnant, I was always using the gel hemorrhoid cream.  It was so messy, slimy, and greasy.  It was hard to get the gel off.  Well these medicated wipes are wonderful.  You just use the wipe (pat or blot) and you’re done.  (You can also use them as a cold compress for 15 minutes or on the vaginal area.)  No mess, no greasy fingers, and they are flushable!  You can use them up to 6 times a day.  They smell pretty nice too, they are the first hemorrhoid wipe to include chamomile, aloe and cucumber!  You cannot go wrong with these if you are suffering from the dreaded hemorrhoids.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, so let’s talk about it!

I know I, along with IBS sufferers need these.  They are soothing and I love how it immediately stops any symptoms.  I love that they made them more feminine and make you feel like you’re not really using any kind of “medicine”.  I also love that you can take them WITH you in cute little packets.  No embarrassing tube of hemorrhoid cream laying in the bottom of your purse.


Their website says:


  • Designed just for women
  • Infused with refreshing cucumber, soothing aloe, vitamin E, shea butter and Chamomile
  • Protects the irritated area for effective hemorrhoid relief
  • Gentle, everyday cleansing to cool and soothe
  • Flushable

Their webiste is at PreparationH.com and you can also get a $1.50 coupon to print!


I received my free samples and coupons via Smiley360!