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Join Friends & Neighbors Program by Johnson & Johnson for free products

Join here at Friends & Neighbors Program by Johnson & Johnson

Directly from their website:


You can make a difference!

We are interested in getting opinions and input from real people – you!  We count on our Friends & Neighbors members to provide us with the feedback to help us create products that will delight consumers, or give us ideas on what new products you really want.  Whether it’s a home use test for a new shampoo, or an online forum to discuss new ideas for a baby wash, you, the consumer, know best.  After the close of a study, you may receive an incentive as a token of appreciation, such as a Prepaid Visa® Card.
This is a new program. I just signed up too.  It seems like a great way to Earn Free Products and also give your opinion to help future products from Johnson and Johnson.

Join right here now!!

F ree Pampers Diapers and Free Pampers Wipes Review

FREE Pampers Diapers and Free Pampers Wipes and REVIEW

I received 1 pack of Pampers diapers and one pack of Pampers sensitive wipes to try.  I was supposed to upload a video, but could not figure out how to do it from my cell phone.  I have since figured it out and if another program opens up, I am ready to do a video!  The wipes seemed thick and smelled lovely.  They do say sensitive, but they seem to sting my son’s behind.  He usually cried when I used these wipes.  He did have a rash on a few days of using these wipes.  I thought with the word “sensitive” in the wipe title, they would be gentle on his skin.  The diapers seemed to work like any other diaper.  They did not hold up during the night.  I used these and they actually leaked about 10 times.  I do not know why, but I am assuming the fit didn’t work for my son.  I use Pampers diapers and wipes when there is a sale and I can use coupons.  I think that most diapers are basically the same. I have not found one that holds up perfectly during the night.  I do know that compared to Huggies, he had more wet sheets with Pampers than with Huggies.  I like the Pampers Gifts to Grow program and collect the points.  I am excited to FINALLY get a toy or something for my son.  I have been saving the points since he was a baby and I am almost to 2,000 points.  What shall I get him!!!  Thank you Pampers!

I was given these samples by ExpoTV

Unreal Candy – Natural Ingredients Review

Today I received two coupons for free bags of any UNREAL candy.  I went to the Super Target because they are the only ones locally to carry the bags.  I have seen  that CVS carries the bars.  I brought them home and had given them out the next day to my friends to try.  The consensus was that the make you feel like you’re eating a better choice but they were not as tasty as the extreme sugar big brands out there.  They did taste “better” for me.  They were not as sugary sweet as let’s say Hersey’s brand.  These need a lot of word of mouth advertising.  People are so used to eating junk, they can’t believe you can eat a “healthy” candy bar and end up wondering what the catch is.  If more people try the UNREAL candy, this brand will become as popular as Hershey’s!

Free sample provided by Moms Meet

Free L’Oréal Hair Color and HOW you can get a Free box of L’Oreal Hair Coloring Too

Today I received a coupon for a free box of hair coloring from L’Oreal!Join me in the L’Oréal Paris #GoldRewards program. Get a FREE hair color product after you purchase 5 and perks, too.This is the 3rd coupon I’ve received from them using the rewards program.  All you have to do is enter the codes on the hair coloring bottles that you already are buying into their website.  Once you enter 5, they send you a coupon for a free box up to $9.99 in retail value!  Also on Monday’s, they sometimes have FREE sample rewards.  You just have to log into the rewards website and claim the free sample and they will ship it to you.

Don’t forget to sign in on MONDAY’S to get a free sample. It’s called FREEBIE MONDAYS!
Their website is Here
EDIT June 3rd 2014: I just got another box, so I am on my 3rd!
See the column under “Free Boxes Claimed:” to see that it does work if you keep at it!

Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads Review

Today I received a FREE pack of Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads and few .50 cent off coupons.

Review of my FREE pack of Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads : I tried these Carefree Body Shape thin pads and I have to admit they pack a powerful absorbing punch! I did not have any heavy flow pads around when my time of the month came a little early. I then remembered I just received these samples a few days earlier. I rushed to them like an Olympic runner and quickly ripped the nice little pink baggie open. “How cute”, I thought. They were neatly individually packaged in pink and white plastic to keep them sterilized. I instantly loved that because usually thin pads come in a box with nothing else. Then when you want to take a few somewhere you have to put them in your wallet with your money…. how unsanitary is that!???

Back to my predicament. Whoa, they are extremely thin and I thought to myself these will never work! 45 minutes later I was home from a heavy flow pad shopping trip and was thinking I would be a hell of a mess. I checked my booty in the mirror to see if I embarrassed my self in public with an artistic blood spatter… No I was clear. Whew! Sorry for the too much info, but lets face it, periods are messy and disgusting to us women too! I pulled down my special granny panty period only underwear to expect I was going to have to bleach the crap out of them… but instead I actually SMILED at my cute little Carefree pad that worked like a magic sponge!!!! I was surprised that my unexpected heavy flow did not runneth over to my underwear. I love you Carefree Body Shape Panty Liner Pads!!!! You saved my day. I know that these WILL work on pididdly low flow days, no doubt in my mind.

Free Sample and coupons provided by SheSpeaks

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