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#Free Points Kellogg’s Rewards Account

If you don’t already have it, you better get to it.  They give points for free all the time and you use redeem them for prizes and gift cards!  You also can get codes on products for points which you are buying already most likely!

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You can also earn points from your receipts!  This is a pretty awesome loyalty program!
Go here and add these codes worth 125 points
If you do not have an account sign up and add them ASAP before they expire!
Follow them on Twitter #KelloggsUS


Earn Gift Cards for FREE with SwagBucks

Swagbucks is an easy way to earn $5 or more pretty easy.  You use their search engine and you win their bucks.  I took a screenshot of my account on all the gift cards I redeemed.  I was really busy online because I was pregnant on bedrest.  I would earn a gift card every month for 5 months straight. (See pic below)
You can use Swagbucks on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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There are other EASY ways to earn too
Shop through their website
Watch Videos
Play games
Answer Polls
Listen to music
Special surprise codes from the website


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Earn Free Gift Cards Online or Smartphone with MyPoints

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I’ve been using MyPoints since 2008.  I have gotten a lot of gift cards from them.
I mostly just click the emails and save the points up, however, there are other ways to earn points.  I also buy through their website to earn points.

One time I signed up for DirectTV and received 5,000 points and that was a $25 gift card of my choice from redeemable MyPoints points.  Then DirectTV directly sent me a $25 Visa gift card for signing up.  It was a great deal!  I just keep a lookout for these types of deals and then sign up for them via the MyPoints website to earn redeemable points.  In the meantime, just click the emails and earn 5 points per email you read from MyPoints.

Other ways to earn on MyPoints are:
Do surveys
Watch videos
Play games
Search in their search engine

You can do this to earn gift cards FREE just like me!  It’s easy!

Here is my latest redemption from Mypoints today!

I received this email in 2012, but I have since earned more gift cards, including the Groupon (From above picture).


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Earn Money on Your Smartphone with CheckPoints on App or Computer


CheckPoints is a fun app that you accumulate points for gift cards, which is basically like money right!?  This app is available in the App store and Google Play store.  You can also access this company on their website.  It is slightly limited on their website though.  It is more fun using their app to accumulate points.

Here’s how to earn points:

  • Open the app when you go into any grocery or super store and find the products they show.  Then scan the UPC code and you just earned a lot of points!
  • Watch videos inside the app anywhere, anytime.
  • Enter in the giveaways for members, (gas cards, gift cards)
  • Once you get enough points for your desired gift or gift card, cash out!

Remember to get BONUS points by using the word Launch as your
Bonus Code when you register!

Here is a screenshot of some of the rewards you can get for redeeming your points!


If I’ve helped you in any way by discovering this website, I would appreciate a click through when you sign up for the site.
Thank you very much for your help!

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Earn Money on Your Smartphone with Locately App

UPDATE JAN 2015 This company has collected all the data they needed so they have stopped and removed the app from the APP store.  This will no longer work.  I will update if they start again.  I really miss this app.  I made about $50 a year on here.  It helped for the holidays!




This app is available for the iphone or android phones. Once you have it on your phone, you make sure your location services are on. Every time you go shopping to any store, you should receive a pop up for a survey on how your trip went. You have to take the survey pretty quickly, within 6 hours, or it could no longer be available. The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete and is 99% of the time the same exact questions as the survey before. You can hide your location for 2 hours inside the app if you do not want to receive a survey. Once you take the survey, you are rewarded with points. It is usually 10 points, but could vary. Their gift card redemption points are at the 500 ($5), 1,000 ($10), 15,000 ($15) and the 3,000 ($30) mark. They have Amazon, Starbucks, and Fandango. I was able to cash out on 500 points for a $5 Amazon gift card twice in 3 months. Here is a picture of my last reward from Locately.


Locately does not have an affiliate program at this time.  I have linked directly to the app store for iPhone.  There doesn’t seem to be an app for androids for this company yet.  The app is FREE.


Earn $25 for a Study with MySoapBox.com

mySoapBox_Logo_newThis is an 8 week study on how you use the internet to search.  After the 8 weeks is up, you will be credited 25,000 points and can instantly redeem it for a $25 gift card.

At MySoapBox.com you take surveys and participate in in home studies or can possibly receive a free sample to try out for free.  Once you get to 25,000 points and cash out, you can then cash out for only 5,000 points, which is a quick $5 in your pocket.  The surveys are usually around 1,000 or more so it shouldn’t take long after the initial 25,000 points.  Join up with this 8 week study and you will have some extra cash by Christmas with your new gift card!

Join here and they will know you are interested in the 8 week study.

Here is a screenshot of just SOME of the gift cards they are offering.