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Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort for Toddlers

Traveling to Epcot with a toddler

I think Epcot is an amazing place to take toddlers, kids, and adults for that matter. There is a lot to do believe it or not.  You can keep a toddler entertained at Epcot. Here is an in depth look at what is good for toddlers during a trip to this unique Walt Disney World Resort park.


1. Make sure you have a stroller
It’s good to have one for your child to rest so they don’t get as cranky as if they had to walk.  Or you would have to hold them a lot!  You can rent one for $15 inside the park if you didn’t bring your own.  Walk through the ticket (Magic Band) scanner and then to your left.  You should see the stroller and wheelchair rental shop.  When you rent a stroller you get to write your name or last name on a character card.  Most people don’t ever mention this, but on the back of card with your name written on it, is a keepsake souvenir.  Here is a picture before we filled it out at home.


2. Bring snacks
You can bring food into the park.  I’ve brought bananas,  peanut butter, GoGo squeeze pouches, lollipops, crackers, and many other little snack items for my toddler and myself.  It really helps to just pull a snack out when you’re walking from attraction to attraction. Or during a line for an attraction or show.

3.  I want it, I want it!
Your child will definitely want a souvenir, so try to wait until the end of the night after Illuminations.  The stores up near the front of the park are open for an hour after the park closing time.  During the day, tell your toddler if they are on their best behavior, they will get a toy or souvenir after the fireworks.  It seemed to work for me.  If my toddler got a little out of hand in the line, (swinging from the rope que in line), I would remind him that if he did not listen, he couldn’t get that toy.

4.  What can my toddler ride or see?

To Ride:
Spaceship Earth
Journey Into Imagination
The Seas with Nemo and Friends
Living with the Land (Boat ride inside the Land)
Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Soarin (If your toddler is 40 inches)
Test Track (If your toddler is 40 inches)
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros (Boat ride in Mexico)

Captain EO 3-D Movie (Next to Journey Into Imagination) (On hiatus for Tomorrowland movie preview)
The American Adventure (World showcase)
The Circle of Life (Inside the Land- might be boring for toddler,possible nap time!)
Turtle Talk with Crush (Inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends)
Impressions de France (World showcase)
O’ Canada (World showcase)
Reflections of China (World showcase)
Train set outdoor (Near Germany)
Illuminations (light and firework show at closing around the lagoon)
Interactive Play:
Advanced Training Lab (Inside Mission Space, playground)
Coral Reef Aquarium (Inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends)
ImageWorks (Inside Journey into Imagination)
Jumping water fountains (Outside Journey Captain EO entrance/exit)
Innoventions East
Innoventions West
Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future (Inside Spaceship Earth)
Flavors of the World (Future World)
Kidcot Fun Stops (In all countries, read # 6 below for more information)
Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure (In most countries See #7 below)
Splash Pads (See #10 below)

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5. Take a long Break
The best place to let your family and your toddler rest would be the Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  It’s a 45 minute “ride”, they call it a traveling theater.  The first part is Ellen and Bill Nye the Science guy talking.  Around the 12 minute mark, you are then riding through looking at dinosaurs for about 5 minutes, then back to Ellen and Bill for the rest of the ride.  It’s a great place to encourage a nap as your seated for that long and it’s air conditioned.

Click for a larger view of each countries stamp and unique signature

6. Kidcot Fun Stops
This is such a wonderful FREE magical experience for your family and your toddler.  When you arrive at World Showcase, you can go to the first country and find the Kidcot station.  Usually they are in the back near or inside a shop.  It’s like a scavenger hunt trying to find the stations, which is fun and lets your family see a little bit more of what each country has to offer!  Once you are at the first Kidcot station (It will be marked with a sign “Kidcot”), you will see a table full of a characters on a stick and markers.  Pick your family up one or two and have the cast member sitting at the Kidcot station sign the back of the stick!  The cast members usually make really cute signatures representing their countries.  Your toddler can use the markers to color the front of the character they choose.  Go to each Kidcot station in each country to collect all the signatures.  You can also buy a Epcot Passport and have the cast member sign a page for their country and stamp it with the date in which you visited them.




7. Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure
This is also a fun FREE experience for the whole family.  It probably wouldn’t be just for a toddler, as you need to be able to work the little gadget cell phone device they give you to do the hunt.  This too is like a scavenger hunt.  You will find hidden moving objects that other guests who are not doing this hunt won’t.  Sometimes you may interact with a cast member.  You pick which country you would like to do the hunt in, and stay in that country until it’s finished.  You can go back and start another country’s mission too.   You can pick up your device at the Italy or Norway Pavilions, International Gateway (near the UK Pavilion), or the east side of the main walkway from Future World to World Showcase.

8. Where to find characters?
When you walk into Epcot, you will see a map/guide holder.   Make sure you get the TIME GUIDE as well as the map, because it will tell you the times of the characters (and shows/entertainment).  Make sure to pick up a couple extra and store them somewhere, (like the bottom of the stroller).

Figment: He is ONLY at Epcot and occasionally found near the jumping fountains near the entrance of Captain EO.  He’s known to come out with Dreamfinder.


Epcot Character Spot
Chip and Dale
Mickey and Friends


Snow White

Main Entrance


Donald Duck


Showcase Plaza (World Showcase)
Duffy the Disney Bear

United Kingdom
Mary Poppins
Pooh Bear
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Visa Character Spot
Only for Disney Visa Cardholders
Inside Innoventions West and usually Mickey Mouse is the character.

9.  Get a free Soda and pep for the family
If you need a little sugar pep during the late afternoon, get your toddler and family a little sip of each of the soda’s at Flavors Around the World.  You get little cups to try soda’s for free from Italy, Greece, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Peru, and Brazil.  Our favorite was South Africa’s soda called Bibo, but don’t forget to try Italy’s soda!  This is in Future World near Innoventions West.


10.  Cool off at the Splash Pads or at a water mister
There is a splash pad near Innoventions going towards the World Showcase on the right.  It has a rubber surface and water sprouting up.  Let your toddler run around in there to cool off.  (Bring a change of clothes or their swimsuit/swim trunks).There is also misters near Test Track and Ellen’s Energy Adventure.   You can find a couple other misters around the park.  Toddlers seems to love these both.  (And kids of all ages really!)

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