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Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Today I received a free fogless shower mirror from Cassani.  Below is my review.  I am going to use this for awhile and update how I think this product works.

5/9/2014 FIRST DAY USING the fogless shower mirror:  The fogless mirror was easy to install.  It was up in a minute.  It stuck nicely and seems extremely sturdy.  It seemed as if it had a plastic feel to it.  It didn’t seem like normal glass mirror material.  That is really a non-issue though.  If it works, I could care less what it is made out of.  I also put up the razor holder that came in the box.  That was just as easy to install.  It holds different size razors.  I tried a female razor, and a male razor.  No razors don’t have genders!  I was talking about razors geared to women and men, the shapes are different.  But let’s get back to the main subject.  The fogless mirror looks good in the shower.  It doesn’t look cheesy.  If you stand back from it and look at yourself, (this is when you walk into the bathroom with the shower curtain open) you can see that you look like you’re in a funhouse in the reflection.  It kind of makes me sick to my stomach.  So just look at yourself when you’re in the shower and you’ll be OK.  I used it to wash my face in the shower today.  It was nice to see what I was doing for a change, instead of just feeling around on my face like Helen Keller.  I saw exactly where I put my face mask on my face and didn’t get it into my eye (which is the usual).  The mirror did get wet with water droplets.  It never fogged up.  I took a nice hot shower for about 15 minutes.  It was my calgon take me away shower, you know, the only time I get to myself.  I figured it would work on day 1.  Let’s see how I like this after a couple weeks.

EDIT 6/1/2014 : UPDATE AFTER USING:  Well it’s still fogless!  I have looked into this every time I take a shower.  I’ve never seen it fog up or even come close.  I like it a lot.  I don’t shave my face, but maybe I should since I am from Italian descent.  If I was to shave my face, I would always want a Cassani Fogless Mirror with me. This mirror is removable from the hook in the shower so I can take it with me on trips.  If I was a man, that would really be awesome for shaving my face.  It would help to eliminate getting little hairs all over the sink.  As a female, I use it to make sure my face mask applies evenly.  I am happy with this fogless mirror because it works!  I can put my face masks on in the shower without getting any of it in any of my face hole’s.  I even watched myself wash my hair, watched the soap get from nothing to all foaming up on my head.  That was a real treat.  Good times.  I’d give this mirror a 5* out of 5 stars.  There’s nothing to complain about.  It works for the intended purpose.

I will totally update this review if I ever change my mind or if it stops working.  I do not think it will though.  If it does, I am getting emails from Cassani weekly on how to clean my mirror.  I am sure the company would tell me how to make my fogless mirror work again, if in fact it ever starts fogging up. I highly doubt it will though.  Thank you Cassani for making a mirror like this!

This is the description copied from their website their Amazon page:
You can see more reviews on this Fogless Shower Mirror on their Amazon page here.

  • HIGHEST RATED SHOWER MIRROR FOR SHAVING: Our design, stainless steel hooks, and advanced technology leads the way in customer satisfaction.
  • NO MORE MESSY SINKS – Plus! Detachable Fogless Mirror is ideal for home or travel use – Hassle-Free 100% MoneyBack Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.
  • NEW MODERN DESIGN! – OPTIMAL VIEWING – Our improved modern design was voted on by thousands of customers. The new Cassani Fogless Mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your face and neckline, making the best use of space in any shower
  • INCLUDES STAINLESS STEEL RAZOR HOOK – The perfect addition to your new shower mirror, keeping your razor wherever you want it and always ready for action.
  • ANTIFOG NANOTECHNOLOGY – Our patented technology is infused directly into the reflective surface of the mirror to repel fog, leaving you free to focus on getting the perfect shave… everytime.


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