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Store Your Phone and Camera Photos For Free Forever

This is not exactly a product, but this is a FREE service!  You can also earn more space, so this qualifies as earning a free product in my book!  It beats buying an expensive external hard drive.  It’s easy and free to use!

If you have a smartphone or camera and want to store your photos for free, you can do so at Dropbox.com.  You can upload and access your pictures from any computer or internet connected device below.  Dropbox has a computer upload program too for your camera photos.

You receive 2 GB free from the get go.  If you get your family or friends to sign up for an account, you will receive an additional 500MB of space, up to 16GB.   Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Dropbox and earn extra space too!  Dropbox has an easy uploading system on your smartphones.  I’ve used both the Android and Apple versions of the app and they both work smoothly.

You can make albums in your Dropbox account and then share albums or single photos with your friends and family.