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Free Arm and Hammer Toothpaste, Mouthwash, and Toothbrush, here’s how

I received a nice box of 100% free items and you can too!  Just sign up with this free service to review products, just like me!  It’s 100% free to sign up (here’s the link.)  All you have to do is use the product, tell people about it, and then review it in a survey on their website.

I received a really nice box of full size products from Arm and Hammer a few days ago.  I love all the products in this Truly Radiant line.  The taste of the toothpaste is a little strong but I feel that it is getting the job done that way.  The mouthwash is the kind with no alcohol, so you can squish it around longer this way.  I like the toothbrush, but I was a little confused by the description.  A manual rotating brush?  I couldn’t tell it was rotating in my mouth.  It doesn’t have any battery compartments.  I like the design, I just didn’t understand how to get it to rotate in a circle like it says on the package.  Here’s my video unboxing!

Free Samples out now GO HURRY! Samplesource

I just signed up at SampleSource.com to get free samples of top brand name products. Yes, FREE. It is a great way to “Try Before You Buy”, and SampleSource.com even ships the samples to you – FREE. Signing up is easy, but quantities are limited, so hurry up and visit samplesource.com. If they do not have any samples left, you can sign up on their email list so they can let you know when they have more available.