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The easiest way to use your phone as a GPS with a car mount

I received a sticky car mount today from iGotTech to review for my honest opinion.


I was skeptical that it would work with just a sticky pad, but wow it totally 100% works. I tested this with my iPhone 5 and I also used a Galaxy Note 3, which is a pretty huge phone. I held both of the phones upside down after I stuck them on the sticky Car mount. They did not move an inch. They stuck on there like white on rice.

image image

Once I removed a phone from the sticky car mount a good dozen times, I figured the sticky paper would be less sticky, but alas it still was very sticky.  I am not sure how they do this where the sticky pad stays sticky use after use, but I am very grateful for this product. It is extremely affordable and simple to use.   You do not have to put this together and attach to your car dashboard with screws or wires it’s just out of the box ready.

When Applying it inside your car, you can use it on your windshield or your dash. If your dashboard has an uneven surface it might not stick. But you can stick it to your window and swivel the car mount around 360° so that you can see your phone easily. This was amazing for me to use while I was reading my GPS on my phone, as I didn’t have to look away from the road too long.  I attached it in the corner bottom window. I think this is much safer then reading your GPS from your hand while driving.

I recommend this product hands down for an easy and quick way to attach your phone inside your car for GPS purposes.

Another suggestion is to get a second iGotTech sticky car mount for the back seat people.  If they wanted to watch a movie or something on their phone they can stick this to the window and just sit back and relax and watch during the drive.