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Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Top Spray in Lavender Review

Today I received a full size bottle in Lavender of  Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Top Spray.  I also received an activity booklet and another booklet about cleaning.  I used this the first time on some really messy counters with dried syrup and something else I didn’t really know what it was.  I sprayed this generously on every part of my counter I could and let it sit for a few minutes.  I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming smell of a mock lavender that smelled more of cleaning supply then lavender.  It was a lot of smell that I couldn’t take anymore, so I quickly wiped the counters.  I did have to scrub the syrup for a few minutes, but it did come off with this cleaner.  The counters looked exceptionally clean and I was happy about that.  The only thing I can say bad about this spray, is the smell.  The smell lingers also for about 2 hours after you use it.  I had three people ask me what that smell was on different occasions.  They were not fans of the smell.


  I liked the spray, but maybe do not make the smell so strong.  I liked that the ingredients were not as harmful then most leading brand cleaners.  This says on the back of the bottle, 98% natural.  So there is 2% that is something man made in there.  I think that’s not too bad, but if you’re looking for something 100% natural, then this wouldn’t be for you.


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