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Bil-Jac Dog Food Review

Today I received a FREE Bil-Jac Dog Food Coupon for a bag of their expensive dog food

Review of my FREE Bil-Jac Dog Food bag:I told my friend that came over that I was going to see if my dog picks the better food or not with my free bag of Bil Jac dog food I received from BzzAgent. She said my dog would go for her regular food. I put two bowls down, her regular expensive food in a green bag that starts with an “i” and the Bil Jac. My dog chose the Bil Jac food and my friend was shocked!! She was trying hard not to laugh as I was filming because she couldn’t believe that the people from Bil Jac were right about the food challenge. I was impressed too. My dog really likes this food and will have to start getting it for her, if I can afford it!!!!

I received a free coupon from bzzagent