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Use Twitter to earn gift cards and win prizes – Here’s how

Do you have Twitter?  Do you like gift cards or prizes?  Here’s an awesome way to use Twitter to its fullest potential.  All you have to do is sign into your twitter account, then go to SoFab Chats here.  Once you are there, click the sign in with your Twitter account and you will be automatically set up.  You don’t have to fill anything out.

Then you just look for the date on the calendar with contests on Twitter that you want to participate in.  The calendar looks like this:


Once you go to their Twitter contest page, RSVP.

Follow the Companies that are hosting the party.  This page gives you the Twitter handles and links to do so very easily.


Go back to SoFab Chats on the day of the party and go to the Tweetgrid.  This is an easier way to keep track and read all of the tweets that go out during a contest.  A Twitter contest goes really fast, so a grid is recommended.  Make sure you chine in a few time once the party starts so the company knows you are there.  Good luck!