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Suave Naturals Body Lotion Review

Today I received a coupon from Unilever for a Free Suave Naturals Cucumber Melon Body Lotion


Review of my Free Suave Naturals Body Lotion:

I tried this right away on my arms and noticed it replenished my dry skin immediately. I tried it on my dry heels and it did not work so well. I have pretty dry heels so this lotion isn’t good for intense dryness. I like the fact that it says Naturals, but I do not think it’s a “natural” organic product. Anything with the word natural in the title should really BE natural. The bottle says long lasting fragrance . I put this on yesterday morning and it’s been a day and a half and the smell is gone. In fact, the smell was gone by afternoon, unless I was immune to my own smell. I don’t think the fragrance lasts as long as they claim though. This Suave lotion is good for everyday use but don’t use it on your very dry feet, it won’t work right of the bat. If you keep applying it twice a day to your heels, I would assume this would start to work on them. I liked the cucumber melon smell. It was a fresh smell, reminding me of summer.