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100 Percent Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Review

Today I received a big 4 ounce bottle of 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts.  I could smell it from inside the shipping box.  Then there was another box as shown in my picture.  I was sure that it was spilled or broken, given the smell, but sure enough it was intact.  This is pharmaceutical grade, so it is 100% potent.

So you are wondering what Tea Tree Oil is?

From WebMD: “Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. The tea tree was named by eighteenth century sailors, who made tea that smelled like nutmeg from the leaves of the tree growing on the swampy southeast Australian coast. Do not confuse the tea tree with the unrelated common tea plant that is used to make black and green teas.”

I was interested in using this Tea Tree Oil to heal a dry itchy patch on my skin that keeps reappearing.  It’s the size of a quarter and it will fade slightly when I use Vitamin C serum, but still comes back if I stop.  So I wanted to try this.  Then I read on the box that I shouldn’t apply it to any irritated skin or rash.  Well, I didn’t listen.  I did listen to the warning about the strength though.  I got my coconut oil out and mixed four 1 teaspoons and 1 teaspoon of this Tea Tree oil together.  I applied it to the itchy patch.  It did slightly tingle the area but nothing too extreme.

UPDATE: 9/10/2014:  I’ve applied this to the itchy scaly patch about a dozen times, (mixed with the coconut oil as a carrier).  It did lessen the itchiness and the scaliness.  It seems to work just as good or slightly better than vitamin c serum for this particular problem.

I really like the ebook they sent with this.  It tells you how you can use the oil for different things like, household cleaner, skin and hair care, and over 50 different recipes for it!

Something that is always on everyone’s mind is if it’s really “100% pure” or “100% natural”.  This is copy and pasted from their Q & A page on Amazon:
Q: Can you confirm this is 100% Tea Tree oil? I’m tired of buying essential oils advertising as 100% just to find out stuff is added.

A:  That’s something we were concerned about as well. When we went looking for a source we spent a lot of money on sophisticated tests to find a 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. What we found is that nearly everything coming out of China had been adulterated in some way. And even some of the brands that claim to be using Australian product are watering their product down with other substances. These 2 tests show that the ‘peaks’ of the graph are exactly where they should be for a 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Hope that helps. (They provided links to graphs and a report.(See below as I got them from this companies links)

Apothecary Extracts only sell their Tea Tree Oil on Amazon.
More from their Amazon page:
Contemporary Uses: Tea Tree Essential Oil is best known as a very powerful immune stimulant. It can help to fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and there is evidence that Tea Tree Oil massages prior to an operation may help to fortify the body and reduce post-operative shock. Used in vapor therapy, Tea Tree Oil can help with colds, measles, sinusitis and viral infections. For skin and hair, Tea Tree has been used to combat acne, oily skin, head lice, dandruff, toenail fungus, yeast infections, skin tags, cold sores, dandruff, and ringworm.
The Australian standards require that the oil of Melaleuca alternifolia must be composed of less than 15 cineole and over 30 terpinen-4-ol. You can request copies of our Gas Chromatography reports which show that Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil is not only compliant with these regulations but surpasses them. Apothecary Extracts is composed of less than 5 cineole and over 35 terpinen-4-ol which qualifies for Pharmaceutical Grade as established by the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association. It is 100% pure and unadulterated. No fillers, additives, bases or carriers added.

History: Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil is a pure oil culled from the leaves of a tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) native to Australia. The aboriginal people of Australia have long used Tea tree oil. The Aborigines would bathe in medicinal pools of water where the tea tree leaves had naturally settled. In World War Two, the producers and the cutters of Tea Tree were exempt from military service until enough essential oil had been accumulated. The oil was a highly valued product as it was issued to each soldier and sailor as part of their kit in order to treat tropical infections and infected wounds. Description: The Tea Tree is a small tree or shrub with needle-like leaves. It can grow up to 7 meters (20 feet) in height and thrives in marshy areas, though it is now cultivated in plantations. The Tea Tree is very robust; it is ready for cutting only two years after its’ previous harvest. General Information: Packaged in dark amber glass bottle with euro style dropper. | Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia | Plant Part: Leaves | Extraction Method: Steam Distilled | Origin: Australia | Color: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.| Aromatic Scent: Tee Tree Essential Oil has a fresh, antiseptic and medicinal scent. It also has characteristic mint and spice back-notes. | Strength of Aroma: Medium | Blends well with: Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Rosemary and Thyme.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting to use healthier products on their skin and around the house.  You can do so much with Tea Tree Oil.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use tea tree oil to clear acne
  • Use tea tree oil to remove makeup
  • Use tea tree oil to soothe sores
  • Use tea tree oil to fight foot odor
  • Use tea tree oil to eliminate toenail fungus
  • Use tea tree oil to treat the chicken pox

Or here is a magical list of 80 uses for Tea Tree Oil! (This will open a new page in your browser)

Tea Tree Oil should be in every medicine cabinet, and every essential oil connoisseur’s goody bag.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.