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Two Free Walmart Gift Cards


Got them from PLINK!

I have received two Walmart gift cards from just buying some Veggie burgers and fries at Burger King.  I also threw in there a few bean burritos at Taco Bell (they have taken Taco Bell off the list now though).  All you have to do is link your check card that you usually buy the things you want and need to Plink.  You have to choose which stores you want to link your Plink account to but you can only link 5 stores.  If you go to the movies a lot, there is a couple movie theater chains you can link to.  You get Plink points per so many dollars spent and some stores have certain thresholds to earn more points.  You can earn out and about or on the computer too.  It’s really something you link and forget about.  It’s really easy!

 The list of stores at Plink that you can link as of 5/21/2014:

Panda Express
Regal Cinemas
Burger King
Longhorn Steakhouse
Advance Auto Parts
Vitamin World
Puritan’s Pride
Foot Locker
Champs Sports
United Artists Theaters
Edwards Theatres
Red Robin
Dunkin Donuts

Here is my account screenshot showing my usage at Plink


I am not extremely active but I am showing you to prove Plink works and if you DO buy a lot at one of these stores or restaurants, you could rack up some serious extra cash back.  The threshold to cash out is 500 points and up.  500 points is $5.  They have Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, iTunes, Tango, Facebook Credits, Overstock, Barnes & Noble, and AMC gift cards. (Stores as of 5/21/14)